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Swimming Fish 3D Acrylic Mirror Decoration (2pcs,12.8"*6.9"/pc, 1/8" thick)

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- Cut from premium quality acrylic 

- 1/8" Thickness

- High reflectiveness

- Crack-Resistance

- Adhesive on the back, screw-free installation, mess-free uninstallation

- Shipped with protective films

- Designed and made in Los Angeles



Every set of the acrylic mirror is being designed by Hmazing designers with extreme attention to details - from the appeal to aesthetics and consideration of safety. Every piece is cut with ultra-precise laser CNC machines. 


Every piece of the acrylic mirror has a uniform thickness of 1/8" (3.175mm), which ensured the quality stiffness of the mirror. Each mirror has a thick, 1.5mm layer of double-sided tape - allowing screw-free installation. During removal, the tape does not leave a mess. Simply peel off the blue film layer to reveal the adhesive. The adhesive is very strong and does not fall off easily. Before installing, ensure the surface is smooth or semi-smooth (not popcorn) and is free from humidity and dust.

To Use:

1) Peel off the blue layer of film on the back to reveal the adhesive

2) Install the mirror onto the desired surface

3) Peel off the transparent layer of film in the front

4) Enjoy!


**If the mirror looks like it is misty and does not give off reflection, peel off the protective film!! It is a common error that a user does not peel it off. The reflectiveness of the acrylic mirror is equivalent to the reflectiveness of a glass mirror.

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